Tacks, teksi, chiodi, calzera nails

Machine Tack Specifications:

Head: Flat
Head diameter: 4.00 mm
Length: 10 - 28 mm
Shank diameter: 1.8 mm
Shank shape: Round
Steel hardnes: Standard / Hardened
Materials: Brass, Inox
Packaging: 2.5kg in 25kg outer box
Machine tack nails for seat lasting - calzera chiodi teks žičnik

KOS machine tacks are widely used with all major shoemaking machine brands, such as USM, Molina e Bianchi, ORMAC, Sabal and may others...

With our inovative technologies and procedures implemented in production phase, we achieved 5 times less delays on machines compared to mass production brands like IVI or Moenus.
And in shoemaking process less delays means higher productivity.