Specialty escutcheon pins, tacks, nails & brads

Musical instruments, accordians, modeling, bespoke shoemaking, restoration, arts, crafts

You need something special? Challenge accepted!

Brass nails, pins and tacksfor accordion and instrument making

For musical instruments

Escutcheon pins for musical instruments. Available also in antique copper, brass, silver patina

Modelbouw spijkertjes, Solid brass nails, escutcheon pins, tacks, brads for hoyyb, arts, crafts, moddeling. Modellbau Drahtstifte Eisen messing Metallnägel Flachkopf Rundkopf

Modeling, Arts & Crafts

Special formed and tiny nails for modeling, arts, crafts, hobby, woodworking...

Solid brass nails, pins, tacks

Custom made for Restoration

Made to order nails & escutcheon pins for vintage and antique restoration.

Brass pins for military clutch, badge, clutches, lapels

For badges (clutches, lapels)

Small brass serrated nails for hand or machine welding on badges.

Nails : tack, forged nail, decorative nail, nail Heads : round head nail, flat head, lost head nail, cone head nail, diamond-shaped head, headless nail Metals : steel, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, nickel

Footwear Tacks, Nails & Screws

We manufacture and supply various tack and nail products for footwear sector as well as for boutique shoemakers and for shoe repairing. International customers value our products because of high quality, precision and exact tolerances. Our products are used for hand and machine nailing as well as for air gun nailing.

We export our products worldwide: you can send us your request or inquiry.

Our main product are:

  • Seat Lasting Tacks
  • Side Lasting Tacks
  • Fixation
  • Heel Attaching Nails
  • Heel Attaching Screws
  • Insole Tacks and Backseam Nails
  • Low Heel Attaching Nails

Materials and dimensions:

  • Steel or solid brass tacks - shank diameter 0.8 mm - 1.8 mm; length from 4 mm to 55 mm
  • Blued steel tacks - shank diameter 0.8 mm - 1.8 mm; length from 4 mm to 55 mm
  • Lost head nail in solid brass or steel plated with copper, zinc, nikel, brass: from 6 mm to 55 mm
  • Buttress heel nail in plain steel or tempered steel: from 10 to 25 mm
  • Cone head nail in brass or tempered steel

Product by usage for shoemaking / footwear:

Seat lasting tacks

Machine tacks for last the back part of the upper in the seat part of the shoe.


Side lasting tacks

Tacks for machine lasting the side area of the shoe, especially for high heel women shoes.



Specially designed nails for temporary fixation in the process of shoe manufacturing.


Heel Attaching Nails

Special formed nails for heel attaching with several nails.


Heel Attaching Screws

Heel fixation with one specailly designed strong central screw.


Low Heel Attaching Nails

Specially formed and similar as for high heel attaching nails but shorter nails.


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