Tacks, teksi, chiodi, calzera nails
Compatibile with:
meccanica_pio simoni OBE ORMAC Sabal Shoen Sands USM Remac Bustia Cerim Molina e Bianchi ORMAC

Tacks, nails & screws for shoe lasting

Our customers - footwear factories - use KOS machine tacks, nails and screws on variosu lasting machines without any problems for several years.

We also additionaly and extensively tested our products on leading nail lasting machines, so we can confidently say that our shoe tacks will work with almost any machine.

  • Molina e Bianchi Tested Production

  • ORMAC Tested Production

  • Sabal Tested

  • USM Tested Production

  • OBE Tested Production

  • Remac Tested Production

  • Cerim Tested Production

  • Brustia Tested

  • Mecanica Pio Simoni Tested

Box of Insole Attaching Nails KOS Tacks and Nails